A study of Normalization in Classical Logic

Authors: Fabio Massaioli
Language: Italian
Pages: viii+105

This is my thesis for the Master’s degree in Philosophy.


This master’s thesis (in Italian) explores various normalization procedures (also known as cut-elimination procedures, from Gentzen’s original work on the subject [4]) in sequent-style deductive systems for classical logic. In the 4th and main chapter of the thesis I adapt a proof technique by Barbanera and Berardi [2] to obtain a strong normalization result for a variant of Gentzen’s non-deterministic cut-elimination procedure for the sequent calculus LK, as defined in [3,1]. This opens the door to a direct investigation of the computational content of symmetric reduction procedures for classical sequent calculus.

Note: it turned out that the same result had already been published by Urban and Bierman in [5], a paper I had missed during my survey of relevant literature. Although my work is similar to theirs even in very small details, it was an independent rediscovery, and in fact some technical choices helped me avoid a (non-critical) mistake that was present in [5].


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